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Apprenticeships in the Sheffield City Region

There are about 50 Training Provider organisations delivering Apprenticeships in the region. The provision reflects the changing face of manufacturing and commerce in the region, which is no longer reliant on the ‘heavy’ industries, based on steel.

Consequently the region has one of the highest percentages in Yorkshire and the Humber of apprentices training in business administration, with high numbers in service industries such as hairdressing and customer service. Despite this emphasis, there is still a demand for apprenticeships in engineering and the region has a significant number – the largest in Yorkshire and the Humber - working in the ‘metals industries’.

In South Yorkshire, the training provider network is Yorkshire Training Partnership (YTP). Although there is a list of members on the site, you will not be able to find out which Apprenticeships they offer. If you would like further information about the network you can contact the office on 01709 763202.

In North Derbyshire, the relevant network is called The Derbyshire Network and, again, you will be able to find a list of their members on the website. They can be contacted on 01773 744081.

To find out what Apprenticeships are available in the Sheffield City Region, you will need to either contact these organisations to find out which ones deliver which skill sectors or you should go to the national Apprenticeships site by clicking here.

Training Providers

As well as your local college that might have a work-based learning department, there are other organisations that also provide Apprenticeship training:

Independent Training Providers

Independent Training Providers - these may be local, regional or national private companies that have been established to offer a range of training at different levels. They may recruit apprentices and still send them to a local college for the Technical Certificates and Functional Skills while monitoring progress on the NVQ or Diploma portfolios.

Some are dedicated to specific skill areas on a country-wide basis, examples being Vidal Sassoon and CITB, while others may offer a range of skills at a local level.

The national organisations may be employers who conduct their own training, such as Vidal Sassoon, or providers who offer training to other organisations’ apprentices such as CITB and JHP Group. Some are established to provide a service to local employers in specific skill areas, such as engineering.

Public Sector Bodies

Public Sector Bodies - Local Authorities and the NHS recruit apprentices for a range of skills and frequently have their own training departments, although they may work with other training providers and may also send their apprentices to local colleges for part of that training. Quite often Local Authorities offer no guarantees of permanent employment following completion of an Apprenticeship, but frequently the apprentice does get offered a permanent contract on completion of the framework.

Because of their size, public sector bodies often recruit to a wide range of skill areas, including construction, administration and, in the case of the NHS, nursing.

Apprenticeship Training Agencies

Apprenticeship Training Agencies - these are designed for small employers who may not have the resources to directly employ an apprentice, or whose work may be intermittent and so are unable to provide permanent employment. In such cases the ATA employs the apprentice and pays their wage.

The employer is charged a fee for the service including a component to cover the wage. In the event that the employer is no longer able to offer work, the ATA finds another employer who can. More information can be found here.

Where can I find information on local training providers?

You can find out about the training providers who operate in your area by looking in the Regional Information of this website. You can also find out the names of your local training providers in the same section by going to the website of the organisation representing training providers in your county, for example YTP in South Yorkshire.